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Robots found their way into logistics research

The application of autonomous and semi-autonomous handling systems has played a major role in research for years. Thereby the primary focus is on the robotic service, robotic production with the focus on the automobile sector, as well as robotics in medical technology.

Robot systems for autonomous and semi-autonomous handling in logistics have only just become the topic of German research a couple years ago. Different disciplines, like informatics, electro technology, engineering, and mathematics are working individually on partial solutions or together on high tech solutions in order to fulfil the raised requirements in logistics. Furthermore, the business economists devote themselves to the calculations of profitability with investment and decision-making strategies in order to obtain conclusions on the application and on the return on investment for these systems.

These pages give a first overview of the research work in Germany and will be up-dated constantly.

If you are working on a research project on this topic and want to communicate with us, please contact us!

 | Last modified 10.Sep 2009